Sunday, 20 October 2013

Native on Tour- Suzuki Method @ Sound control Manchester- The sound check

Arrived Mcr, check in hotel, grab a cab to the venue, its Manchester, its raining, dark and cloudy, but its only 4pm, weird weather. Were on Oxford Road, student, shoppers, drinkers, smokers, all enjoying a Saturday day out.

Pitch up at sound control, sound-checks are under way, there is even the luxury of a green room, complete with flickering chiller cabinet (empty of course), that looks like something out of a Hitchcock movie or SEVEN. Scanning the room, remnants of previous glitzy bands on tour, champagne buckets (empty of course), dubious discarded t-shirts, but welcoming good for us and great to leave the gear and get on with the sound checks. 


Many bands, get bored with sound checks, but i love them, you see a venue evolve over a few hours, you go in, the lights are up, the sound crew are waiting, the light tech, is smiling, its a great rig and desk, and the crew are great, which is always a start. The venue manager and the team look after us and its looking like this will be a great night.  So all the bands are set, doors open in five minutes


Doors 7.30 - Time for a Show

Bass Ventura - Listen To Base Ventura EP

              Tiger-Side     -

Suzuki Method