Saturday, 19 October 2013

Fopp Champions New Music - UK In-Store Tour for New EP from Suzuki Method

From its origins as a one-man stall in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1981, FOPP, has been and firmly remains a shining beacon of innovation in the offline world of music. Despite the challenges posed by modern music consumption, this icon of the music high-street has stayed the course, and emerged, revitalised, refreshed and is again championing new music.

FOPP announced today it was offering new artist Suzuki Method, an indie dance five piece band from Salford, the opportunity promote their new EP Native being released 21st October on A1M records. In store Gigs are announced for Bristol, 21st October, London (Covent Garden) 22nd October, Nottingham 23rd October and Manchester 24th October. The stores will also physically stock the new EP and give the DIY indie label the chance of having the product available to physically buy on the high street in four the UK’s biggest Music cities.


Paul Travis, A1M records, says, "In Bristol, London, Nottingham and Manchester and across the major musical towns of England, you can find FOPP, a destination for the music enthusiast, the collector, of the cool and the different. Fopp has always stood out from the crowd, and has a well-earned reputation for stocking an eclectic mix of independent music”. As a small indie label, were delighted to have our record stocked in the high street, and have this amazing “in store” UK gig tour opportunity.