Monday, 21 October 2013

Bristol - Day 3 before the gig- Buy the Record & Say Hello

Is 6 am and its Day 3 - Bristol, from the gloom of the hotel looks like a charming old city with a river, & parks but is clad in a 1970s concrete overcoat with copious roundabouts and underpasses.   

Quick look at the TV and the forecast is RAIN- spend a few hours tweeting about the gig, contacting local blogs and radio stations and inviting people to today's in store appearance live gig at FOPP garden street Bristol- 5.30PM - lets see who turns up .Two and half hours later, 8.37am that's enough cyber promo for now, get some sleep, ????


lots of business people told us that nobody wanted to buy physical music any more, and that those who do only bought CD's from supermarkets. Our experience told us that was wrong. We know that if you get people excited about going into your shops, they'll buy music. 

Bristol - Old Town- New Build
FOPP - Bristol

Its Set for Rain on Tour all week