Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Day 4 - Native on Tour - Suzuki Method - Bristol Farewell, London Awaits -

Well, thank you Bristol for such a warm welcome, despite the rain, a hardy bunch of shoppers, students, workers and music lovers hung around and watched our set. The FOPP team, Howard and his crew were excellent and they have created the most awesome, retro music store, that's like record shops of old, a true place for music enthusiast and it was a buzz to be there.

We even Managed a couple of signings of the EP, which was brilliant. More pictures and news, and Video of the performance will follow, but for now, its off to London and another two hour drive west for the next adventure. Thanks Bristol, Hello London-

Monday, 21 October 2013

Bristol - Day 3 before the gig- Buy the Record & Say Hello

Is 6 am and its Day 3 - Bristol, from the gloom of the hotel looks like a charming old city with a river, & parks but is clad in a 1970s concrete overcoat with copious roundabouts and underpasses.   

Quick look at the TV and the forecast is RAIN- spend a few hours tweeting about the gig, contacting local blogs and radio stations and inviting people to today's in store appearance live gig at FOPP garden street Bristol- 5.30PM - lets see who turns up .Two and half hours later, 8.37am that's enough cyber promo for now, get some sleep, ????


lots of business people told us that nobody wanted to buy physical music any more, and that those who do only bought CD's from supermarkets. Our experience told us that was wrong. We know that if you get people excited about going into your shops, they'll buy music. 

Bristol - Old Town- New Build
FOPP - Bristol

Its Set for Rain on Tour all week

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Native on Tour- Suzuki Method @ Sound control Manchester- The sound check

Arrived Mcr, check in hotel, grab a cab to the venue, its Manchester, its raining, dark and cloudy, but its only 4pm, weird weather. Were on Oxford Road, student, shoppers, drinkers, smokers, all enjoying a Saturday day out.

Pitch up at sound control, sound-checks are under way, there is even the luxury of a green room, complete with flickering chiller cabinet (empty of course), that looks like something out of a Hitchcock movie or SEVEN. Scanning the room, remnants of previous glitzy bands on tour, champagne buckets (empty of course), dubious discarded t-shirts, but welcoming good for us and great to leave the gear and get on with the sound checks. 


Many bands, get bored with sound checks, but i love them, you see a venue evolve over a few hours, you go in, the lights are up, the sound crew are waiting, the light tech, is smiling, its a great rig and desk, and the crew are great, which is always a start. The venue manager and the team look after us and its looking like this will be a great night.  So all the bands are set, doors open in five minutes


Doors 7.30 - Time for a Show

Bass Ventura - Listen To Base Ventura EP

              Tiger-Side     -

Suzuki Method

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Fopp Champions New Music - UK In-Store Tour for New EP from Suzuki Method

From its origins as a one-man stall in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1981, FOPP, has been and firmly remains a shining beacon of innovation in the offline world of music. Despite the challenges posed by modern music consumption, this icon of the music high-street has stayed the course, and emerged, revitalised, refreshed and is again championing new music.

FOPP announced today it was offering new artist Suzuki Method, an indie dance five piece band from Salford, the opportunity promote their new EP Native being released 21st October on A1M records. In store Gigs are announced for Bristol, 21st October, London (Covent Garden) 22nd October, Nottingham 23rd October and Manchester 24th October. The stores will also physically stock the new EP and give the DIY indie label the chance of having the product available to physically buy on the high street in four the UK’s biggest Music cities.


Paul Travis, A1M records, says, "In Bristol, London, Nottingham and Manchester and across the major musical towns of England, you can find FOPP, a destination for the music enthusiast, the collector, of the cool and the different. Fopp has always stood out from the crowd, and has a well-earned reputation for stocking an eclectic mix of independent music”. As a small indie label, were delighted to have our record stocked in the high street, and have this amazing “in store” UK gig tour opportunity.