Friday, 31 August 2012

100 Club Live Review - The I.D

The I.D live at the 100 club -Indie Festival Live 30th August 2012

Last night the London/Swiss/Irish outfit The I.D restored my faith in the Indie band, with a rousing and beat perfect set of finely crafted, dark, yet melodic songs. Mix telecaster, echo, re-verb, delay, with one of the most distinctive classic indie rock voices, add booming, hypnotic,  yet metronomic rhythm and I am hooked. The music pierces out over the famous club, you look at the band on that stage, eyes fixed, determined, every sinew of the singer strained in a pose not unlike a young Jim Morrison or an un-tortured Ian Curtis. You look at the walls of the hundred club and you see real passion for music - its acted out for real life by this band, a rare treat on a midweek London night, The 100 Club never lets you down,  Go see the I.D for something real and passionate in new music.

 Buzz p - Live music reviews (Photo by Blackberry)

The I.D Live @ the 100 Club- Photo by Blackberry - BUZZP

The 100 Club The Stage is Set