Wednesday, 18 July 2012

100 Club Indie Festival News - A letter from Suzuki Method

"Dearest FMS

It is with great regret that we must announce that we will be unable to
make our 100 CLUB debut on August 30th.

We have been in self-imposed isolation for some time now finishing our
debut album. We are on the brink of the beast. And for that reason alone we must temporarily put away a personal ambition to play the great 100 club and finish what we have started.

In consolation however we will be touring after our imminent release. We
will keep you posted on all fronts.

Good luck with the show. We know it will excel.

Yours faithfully

FMS promotions appreciates the support of such a great band, and are obviously dissapointed that they wont make the show this year, be sure we will have further shows with them soon. However, in the best of music traditions were busy lining up an exciting special guest to add to what is already a huge bill of new talent. See you all at the 100 Club for what is set to be the best Indie Festival yet at the 100 club.

Paul T - FMS Promotions -Music Makes a Difference