Monday, 2 January 2012

Exclusive Music News – Suzuki Method Studio Update

Exclusive Interview with Music producer Dave Tolan and Suzuki Method Front man, Adam Leishman

Suzuki Method will start the first weeks of 2012 recording in a studio in Manchester. In what is sure to be a landmark year, they are shaping raw materials and laying the foundation of a brand new sound. In 2012 they plan to emerge, with a bright new northern beat, that when unleashed, is set to infect the Nation.

After the post Christmas excess and as New Year fades, we caught up with the pair to gain the inside story on progress so far and bring you some insight into the process, vision and expectations that are driving this new collaboration.

Dave Tolan at the controls
 In the studio in Manchester, award winning producer Dave Tolan, primal scream, Johnny Marr & Charlatans, finishes a twelve hour shift on the pre-production of Suzuki methods new record. Also in attendance is Adam Leishman, front man and lyricist of Suzuki Method.  

This is tipped to be no ordinary record. Dave Tolan and Jim Spencer are at the controls, this duo have had hit records and worked with the likes of New Order, Primal Scream, the Charlatans & Johnny Marr, we catch an insight into the men at the controls, their background, experience and musical pedigree.

We also hear from front man and lead singer; “Adam Leishman”, who escapes from the rigours of the studio to share with us his hopes and aspirations for this debut album.

We ask Dave why he was drawn to get involved with Suzuki Method and this new recording?

“I have been following the progress of the band for some time; they have a unique sound and songs that show some real promise. I wanted to get involved for some time now, there are some really great elements embodied in the music that genuinely excite me, I’ve now got the opportunity to unlock their real potential and produce songs that will mean something to people, that'll stand up strong and will generate significant radio play”.

Adam- How are you finding working with Dave?

“The process is definitely more considered. We have been given the opportunity to really invest in all the intricacies and ideas that we've previously been denied due to time/money constrictions etc. Working with Dave is great; having someone that can help realize our ideas and understands our sonic ambitions is very inspiring”.

Suzuki Method- Expect Big things for 2012

Dave – How will you make this record different from other Suzuki Method tracks and will you change anything?

“Whilst the core material is strong, I want to focus the songs into concise structures that are lean, fresh, exciting and direct .It’s crucial we shift gear now and raise the bar high to break the band centre stage. We will initially go back to basics, concentrate on hooks, the feel, the flow and Sonics of the tracks, maybe even re-write parts so the songs are bullet proof. Sometimes to create a new sound you have to deconstruct the past and rebuild”.

Big Mushroom Studio - Deconstructing the Past
Adam- What are you expectations and hopes for the new record?

Listening back to our progress in the studio so far has been blowing our minds! It sounds and feels urgent, there's a central agenda behind the record that I feel is running through everything on it. It’s a record that's very aware of itself and of what's going on at the minute musically, and also outside of music in some respects.

Dave – How are you finding the process-?

It’s been a great experience so far, we have had the luxury of a little time, the objective is to get it right. We have had the opportunity to prepare, work at a steady pace and enjoy the process, which is so important. It also gives us a little time to reflect on changes, which is really helpful. For me it’s important to get to know the individuals, the character, the aims and aspirations of all the guys and to get to know what makes them tick.

Jim Spencer
We met several times before hatching a plan and brainstorming new ideas, sounds and approaches, it felt very natural. The band are dedicated and driven and a good bunch of lads too, that’s refreshing... They have plans and an end game in sight and they don't mind some graft too! For a producer that’s great news.

Adam - When do you expect the recording to be finished?

We have got a lot of work to do on it yet but you can expect to hear something from CARPE FERIA in the New Year! And it's going to be worth the wait.

Interviewed by Paul Travis

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