Thursday, 29 December 2011


"What joins them all is, they are all getting involved and making a difference"

As the year draws to an end, we throw in our own personal picks of the year that was 2011, just our opinion, there are hundreds, if not thousands of hard working individuals out there that care passionately about independent music, they all do their bit in their own way. We share with you our FMS Top Ten,  What joins them all is, they are all getting involved and making a difference


Best Live Venue
100 Club London   

Best Live Sound
Band on the Wall Manchester 

Best Live Performance
Violet Bones
100 Club London

Best Live Gig Photography
Danny Sambuca 

Most exciting New Indie Project

Rule Britannia TV (RBTV )

Indie Industry Champion
Jim Gellaty  

Best Indie Blog
Louder than War

Best Local Radio
Supporting unsigned music
Salford City Radio

Top Tip for 2012
Suzuki Method 

Hardest working Indie label
Longevity Records

Here’s to a wonderful 2012- enjoy your music – don’t settle for mediocrity

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Monday, 26 December 2011

100 Club Live Unsigned Showcase Films Released

First full film release of our 100 Club Indie Showcase opening night in London-

 "A wonderful venue, fantastic night and shows what real bands and fans of music can do when they work together- Music Makes a Difference - Thanks to Chasing Safety for filming and edits and petrol monkey for sound - and thanks to the bands hope  it was worth the wait- All the best for 2012"

Monday, 12 December 2011

Capturing the Moment - Live @ NME venues- Manchester & London

Here at FMS we give bands the opportunity to play some of the best live venues with a great sound, lights and atmosphere.
Photo By Heather Bernie
Many bookers and fans now use Youtube and other on-line platforms to keep up to date with what bands are currently up to. 
For many venues, promoters and booking agents in our sector there is a disappointing array of mobile phone footage or amateur video, which does little justice to the actual performance.
Since 2005, FMS has championed providing top quality photo shoots of all our gigs. and has worked with a large range of up and coming young live photographers who have produced some dazzling results.   
However in 2011 we piloted a scheme to record live at the 100 Club London using an external 24 channel digital feed from the live desk then mixed after the shows and edited with the footage from Full HD multi camera shoots. - The promo below gives some highlights and the finished film of one full song from each band is released over the next seven days
Promo features, The screening, Hans Commission, James Page and Violet Bones.
The short video promo above was shot at the world famous 100 club and we went for a retro film look that matched the provenance and history of the place- Films are HD quality and is formatted for easy embedding within your own web-site. The live recordings can also be heard here on sound cloud and are released December 17th. 
Coming Soon 
August 18th we took over this world famous venue and captured five bands, Suzuki Method, No Flash, Rawcuss, China White and Matt Gray at the world famous Manchester venue that has been totally refurbished to amazing technical standards whilst totally retaining the spirit of this great venue. 
The whole of each set and three hours of broadcast quality HD, each band 30 minute edited set film was captured, shot on three state of the art remote cameras and with audio mixed from multi-track, ideal for Youtube and Vimeo channels (if requested) and the potential for future VOD sales through the forthcoming IPTV formats, and is formatted for easy embedding within your own web-site.
FMS Promotions, Unsigned Showcase - - Live films, recordings, great music, awesome venues to showcase your band live.  Bands Wanted for New Projects Get in touch for our 2012 shows.
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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Deconstruction and New Build – SUZUKI METHOD

Suzuki Method are hard at work in the studio- over the next couple of days we have some interviews with the band, the producers to gain an exclusive insight into progress on this much awaited new record

"To build the new sound we will have to deconstruct and rebuild"   
"We will go back to basics, concentrate on the Hooks, the flow and phrasing of the lyrics, even re write parts so they stand out and shine".  

Listen to the Old songs and wait - whilst they  prepare for the new sound, Suzuki Method are hard at work in the studio- on this much awaited new record